Paris.js #96

Hosted by DataDog

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  • Fast 2D rendering graphs with d3.js & canvas optimization

    Benjamin Barre
    2D graphs are now made easy to implement with this awesome d3.js library, but when you start to add User interactions and a large amount of data, SVG rendering is getting slow and doesn't fit your needs anymore... Welcome to you, Mr. Canvas!! We will implement a solution to get the best out of the SVG and Canvas.
        • Bringing Pattern Matching to TypeScript

          With the emergence and wide adoption of libraries such as React or XState, in the last few years the frontend ecosystem has shifted from an imperative to a declarative programming model. Now that we have realised how much easier it is to reason about declarative code and how many bugs are ruled out by embracing this paradigm, there is simply no going back. Yet, Javascript and TypeScript weren’t designed for this paradigm, and these languages are lacking a very important piece of the puzzle: declarative code branching.
              • Lights, Camera, Action : Créer des vidéos en React.JS avec Remotion

                Lors du confinement, certain•es ont fait du pain, d'autres du sport, d'autres de la vidéo algorithmique. Dans ce talk, accompagné d'un livecoding, je souhaite présenter Remotion ainsi que certains concepts de creative coding, de mathématiques et de vidéo en général.