Frequently asked questions


What is Paris.js?

Paris.js is a community of JavaScript developers - beginners or experts, professionals or hobbyists. Paris.js organizes a meetup every last Wednesday of the month with speakers from the community. Each event ends with food, drinks and time for members to exchange ideas, chat, and network.

Who is Paris.js?

You are! Paris.js is not affiliated with any company and doesn’t have any “official” status. The community exists on its own and is managed by those who are interested in getting involved. As a community, it’s important for us to be free and independent.

Is Paris.js brand new?

No, it is not. The first event was held way back in October 2010.

How can I contribute to the community?

There are multiple ways to get involved in the Paris.js organization:

The easiest way to get started is by sending a message to the mailing list, discord server or meet volunteers at the next event.

Paris.js / France.js / Apéro.js / Whatever.js

While there are no “official” ties between Paris.js and other Paris-based Javascript meetups, we’re all quite friendly and many contributors to Paris.js are also involved in other meetups. Paris.js happily promotes and spreads the word about other similar events.

How can I be informed about what’s happening with Paris.js?

You can find more on, Twitter, and the mailing-list or discord (via France.js).

The “Meetups”

What do meetups talk about?

We focus most heavily on Javascript-related topics, but we may also explore a wider array of front-end tech topics from time to time. Additionally, we have had speakers dive into their experience as entrepreneurs. Essentially, we consider anything that could pique the interest of modern developers under our potential umbrella.

When is the next meetup?

Meetups usually happen every last Wednesday of the month.
We usually don't have meetups during the lowest month of summer and in December.

How can I attend? Is it free?

All events are free! We open registration on about a week before each event. To attend, you simply need to register - but be quick, tickets are generally gone within a day.

How can I submit a talk?

First off, thanks a bunch - speakers are crucial to what we do! We generally propose two types of talks:

  • lightning talks (5 minutes): generate enthusiasm; demo something neat
  • full length talks (20 minutes): dig deeper in a topic; do a live-coding session

The easiest way to submit a talk is through our dedicated form. Please do not submit any commercial talks.

How are talks chosen?

Talks are selected 2 weeks before the event (second week of the month). Popular talks are chosen via a public Hangout which is announced on the mailing-list. Everyone can upvote the talks on GitHub Parisjs/talks..

I want to host a meetup!

We are always looking for new companies to host our meetups. The only (small!) conditions are:

  • the venue should be large enough for 50+ attendees.
  • it should be located within the borders of Paris city.

At the beginning of the event, you will get some time to introduce your company and recruitment opportunities. See sponsors page

Sponsoring, Publicity

I want to sponsor a meetup!

The only way to “sponsor” is by hosting a meetup. See “I want to host a meetup”.

Can you advertise my event to your members?

The rule of thumb is that we do not do advertisements for paid events. If the event is free and is on a topic related to Paris.js, we’d be happy to talk about it. Just send a message through or on our mailing list.


In the same spirit of openness and sharing, we have opened a page on opencollective.
You can contribute financially to Paris.js by making a donation. It offers no compensation.
Our annual budget is low, the extra money will be used to create goodies, gifts for speakers, pay a last minute buffet.
To avoid creating a structure, we rely on an external host, ( It is this association that manages the money and makes the transfers to reimburse the expenses.

I’m looking for JS devs, can you help?

If you’re looking for JS developers, we’ve got you covered:

  • publish a job offer on our LinkedIn group
  • sponsor the meetup and let us that you are looking for new teammates
  • or just come by at a meetup and meet the attendees :)

Please do not post any job offers on the mailing list ❤️