Paris.js #90

Chez Voodoo

Lien meetup
  • Gatsby - How is it different from other static site generator?

    Gatsby.js is one of the most popular and hype static website generator of the moment. Having built my latest project with it and having a long experience with this kind of technology, I want to answer two questions with this talk: - how is it different from other generators? - is it the right tool for you?
        • About Svelte

          "Yet another JavaScript component framework ? Seriously ? Actually yes, but Svelte offers a refreshing new approach to web app development. All features of this framework are designed to improve the developer experience and productivity while producing mind blowing results for your users. Let's have a look."
              • The NodeBots band: creating and augmenting music with JS and WebAssembly

                This talk is about the importance of art and play in Node, about the abilities Node has gained in its ten years as a project. There's a musical number and a discussion of MIDI as a way to send data. Let's dive into the ways Node can be used that we don't always think about.